Drop Dead Gorgeous June

The monthly fashion clubnight in San José at Fahrenheit is here again!


Retro Love

I have some oldies for you to enjoy again, that is, if you enjoy oldies music. Most of the songs below can also be found on the The Boat That Rocked soundtrack.

The first one is a single by the Isley Brothers called "This Old Heart Of Mine". The Isley Brothers are a legendary R&B/Soul group that was founded as early as the 1950s and has been a prolific group ever since. Over the past 5 decades they have spanned two generations of Isley siblings. Whether I agree with their music and image they display these days, I'm unsure. But I can't deny the quality of this tune.

Secondly "Lucy In Disguise" by John Fred & His Playboy Band. A spoof on the Beatles tune "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds". A truly catchy upbeat song by an interesting band hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Unfortunately John Fred is not with us anymore, but he's left us with this fun tune.

Tommy James & The Shondell's song "Crimson & Clover" is one of those songs that has always been in my head, but never found out who the artist or the name of the song was until a few years ago. I blame my dad who had a simply awesome 60s and 70s record collection, and probably exposed me to all this greatness as a toddler in the 80s. Tommy James & The Shondells have a lot of great music, also check out "I Think We're Alone Now". The vocal effect toward the end of Crimson & Clover is both equally legendary as delicious.

Fourth tune is "With A Girl Like You" by The Troggs. All I need to say is "Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba". This is another song that's been in my head since way longer than I can remember. The Troggs are most famous for their song "Wild Thing" more or less famously covered by Jimi Hendrix. As for the Troggs, I really like the vocal sound of their lead singer Reg Presley.

Finally. A band most of you will have heard of called Mungo Jerry. I would be selling them way short by posting "In The Summertime". Their huge, huge hit in the early 1970s. Fact is, they've created a lot more great songs. I'm not even going to post another one of their old songs. I was surprised to find out that they're still recording great music, and so I'll be posting one of their new songs. A great feel-good song "Going Up The River"

Alright, fine. Here's In The Summertime:

More Retro Love another time!


Ziggo cable television

Television commercial of Dutch cable tv provider Ziggo. At this moment, there are two different versions, each with a famous Dutch personality discribing his or her favorite tv night. In this one Leo Beenhakker (world famous football/soccer coatch) talks about his favorite night watching "a good war movie, some tennis, and Animal Planet. Great concept! Enjoy!


Electric cars. Prius? Not really...

Respect to Tesla, who have displayed a wonderfully smart piece of market insight. Toyota started the trend with the horribly ugly Prius and quickly the ostentatious rich and famous jumped the parade showing their undoubtedly sincere environmental concern and, well, fashionability.

But despite the self fulfilling nature of owning a Prius, a Toyota is not really a car for the rich and/or famous. It's not even a Lexus...

Enter the Tesla Motors company with their first model, an all electric sports roadster, surprisingly named "Roadster". Which is not bad looking at all, especially considering the looks of the Prius. Not a cheap car by miles, going at close to $100.000. Speeding up to 100km/h (60mph) in just 4 seconds, which means it can measure up to a whole bunch of roadsters and sports cars out there which are in the same price range. The same goes for the even better looking Model S as it is named, which is a real looker if you ask me. Going at around $50.000 and racing up to 100km/h in just 6 seconds.

Anyways, time to make my point. Tesla very smartly saw that the people who were likely to buy these trendsetting vehicles, at least in this point of time, will be the financially prosperous. Those whose mode of transportation will be documented in tabloids and that need conversation topics when they're at their country club. And face it, it'll be a whole lot more fun to show off your Roadster or Model S than your Prius.


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Bat Country

Design I did a while ago, thought it would be interesting to post it with the cut from Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas with Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro. Still not sure about the title, call it "Can't Stop" or just "Bat Country" haha.

And some Death Kennedys from the soundtrack with shots from the movie:



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